What do you mean by degendered or clothes without gender?

A dress is a dress, a shirt is a shirt, a coat is a coat, pants are pants. Wear whatever you want and fuck the gender binary.

What is ready-to-wear? What’s made-to-measure? OOAK?

Ready-to-wear (RTW) is probably most of the clothes in your closet. RTW garments are already made garments of a specific physical size without any customization. These clothes are made by LP Mode in limited quantities, usually about 10 - 20 garments in total.

Made-to-measure or custom sized garments are clothes that have been specially cut and sewn to fit a set of body measurements. You can provide your measurements or have a one-on-one fitting with Alyssa to get exactly you-sized clothes.

OOAK = one of a kind. These garments are made from upcycled materials or have unique design elements and cannot be produced more than once. Once it is sold out it is sold out.

What’s the difference between pre-order and made-to-order?

Pre-order garments are garments in LP-Mode’s size range that will be cut, sewn and shipped after the pre-order time frame closes or the limited run is sold out. Turnaround times will vary but material ordering is based on the number of pre-ordered garments to reduce overproduction and textile waste. 

Made-to-order garments can be an LP Mode size or custom made-to-measure sized - these garments are made typically with a 3 - 5 week turnaround time after they are ordered.

What is my size?

Please see the sizing page to help determine your size.
All ready-to-wear garments have detailed pit-to-pit and length measurements for each size listed in the description but please keep in mind that you’ll want to ensure at least 2 - 3 additional inches beyond your body measurements around your chest, waist and/or hips to fit the garment over your body. And breathe and move.
If you’ve got more questions, reach out to
info@lp-mode.com or schedule a fitting consultation.

My LP Mode garment doesn’t fit or doesn’t fit me anymore, can you help me?

For ready-to-wear garments purchased within 14 days please see the exchanges and returns page. 

For all custom sized and made-to-order garments please reach out to info@lp-mode.com to discuss a possible alteration. Alteration fee pricing ($25+) is dependent on the garment and time spent for the alteration.

Will this shrink?

All textile materials are pre-washed before being sewing and cared for with the recommended care instructions. Do not use a dryer to launder for any LP Mode garment - hanging clothes to dry reduces microfiber pollution and ensures the garment will not shrink. Do not launder your LP Mode clothes in hot water - silks, wools, and cottons are prone to shrinkage and damage in hot water. See the garment care page for further information.

Can I get this out of stock/sold out item?

All LP Mode garments are made in limited small quantities, fewer than 20 at a time - this is because we use deadstock and upcycled materials and we have limited amounts to work with. We’re not into overproduction so if you see something you love, can afford, and fits you - you should order it. There is no guarantee we will be able to stock the same item at any point in the future.

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